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Blood Pressure (Low)
Herbal & Home Remedies Herbal Remedies Home Remedies

Blood pressure that is too low is known as hypotension. The similarity in pronunciation with hypertension can cause confusion.

When blood pressure and blood flow decrease beyond a certain point, the perfusion of the brain becomes critically decreased (i.e., the blood supply is not sufficient), causing lightheadedness, dizziness, weakness and fainting.

Low blood pressure may be a sign of severe disease and requires urgent medical attention.

However, people who function well, while maintaining low blood pressures have lower rates of cardiovascular disease events than people with normal blood pressures

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Sometimes low blood pressure shows its symptoms, sometimes it does not. But if you find any of the following symptoms in progression to your health, you must consult your doctor immediately. This might be a clear signal of low blood pressure. If it is not treated on time it can cause so many complications. Here is the list of common symptoms:

Tachycardia - A normal adult heart beats between 60 and 100 times a minute. A heart rate over 100 beats a minute is called tachycardia. Some tachycardias are relatively harmless and need no treatment, but others can be life-threatening. Treatment for recurrent tachycardia can range from daily medication to open-heart surgery. A specific diagnosis is necessary before finding the right treatment for your tachycardia.

Blurred Vision
Chest discomfort and/or pain
Heat Intolerance
Feeling cold all over
Belching after meals
Delayed gastric emptying
Sleep disorders
Cold hands
Loss of sweating
Sensitivity to light

Also remember that these symptoms could also be indicators of other health conditions, so get yourself checked for these conditions as well.

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Faulty diet is supposed to be one of the most important causes of low blood pressure. As far as the symptoms is concerned, low blood pressure may show its symptoms in its early stage in some cases, while in other cases it may not show any symptoms at all, even in the later stages.

Here are some of the important causes and symptoms of the low blood pressure:

Pericarditis: Pericardium is a condition in which, fluid starts building up within the pericardium and around the heart, which weakens the heart to pump blood and thus results the low blood pressure.

Pulmonary embolism: In this condition, a blood clot, that is in a vein, breaks off in many diminutive parts and finally reaches the lung. The shredded part of the blood clot usually obstructs the smooth flow of blood into the left ventricle from the lungs and restricts the heart to pump blood. This leads to the development of the low blood pressure in the person.

Weakened heart muscle: It is the heart that bumps the blood through the body. So, if the heart muscle is weak, it will cause the heart to fail in reducing the amount of blood it pumps. So weakened heart muscle can also cause hypotension (low BP).

Dehydration and blood bleeding: Dehydration can also lead to orthostatic hypotension. It arises in a patient with diarrhea. Apart from this, blood bleeding can also cause low blood pressure. Surgical complications, trauma and gastrointestinal abnormalities such as ulcers, tumors, are the main points of bleeding.

Some medications such as calcium channel blockers, beta blockers, and digoxin can cause low blood pressure. Medications used to treat high blood pressure and depression can also cause low blood pressure in some cases.

Intake of alcohol and narcotics, overdosage of drugs taken to control hypertension, side effects of other prescription or over–the–counter medications, pregnancy, heat stroke or heat exhaustion, various types of liver diseases are also supposed to cause low blood pressure.

After you know the causes of low blood pressure, you must also know how to identify the symptoms of low blood pressure in you.

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Home Remedies

The best and the most effective home remedy for treating low blood pressure would be consumption of lots of water. Dehydration reduces blood volume and drops the blood pressure.

Prepare a cup of strong black coffee and consume this whenever you feel you blood pressure dipping.

Fill your bathtub with lukewarm water and add one kg of Epsom salt to it. Immerse yourself in the bath for 20 minutes, before going to bed. Take caution not to expose the body to a cold area after this.

In a bowl of water, soak 7 almonds and keep them overnight. Peel them and prepare a paste. Add this paste to lukewarm milk and drink it.

Foods rich in proteins, vitamin C and vitamin B are effective in treating low blood pressure.

Exercises, light walking, swimming and cycling are beneficial in regulating the blood pressure level.

If you have suggestions or know of a proven home remedy add it here in the comment area.

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Herbal Remedies

Garlic helps lower blood pressure by keeping the arteries clear of cholesterol and potential plaque buildup. It also decreases blood clotting and widens the arteries. Hawthorn berries and ginkgo biloba are reputed to dilate arteries, too, making the heart's job of pushing blood through them a little easier.

Passion flower, valerian, limeflower (Tilia cordata), and lemon balm have sedative properties, so if your blood pressure condition is thought to be connected to stress and anxiety, tranquilizing herbs such as these can lend a hand without side effects. Valerian also relaxes the smooth muscles that line the artery walls, preventing them from constricting.

Low blood pressure can be treated with herbs that stimulate circulation. Cayenne pepper, horseradish, and angelica may be helpful. Licorice tea may also increase blood pressure.

If you have suggestions or know of a proven herbal remedy add it here in the comment area.

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Wellness Program

The best way to bypass drops in blood pressure is to drink plenty of fluids and be sure to eat properly.

Low blood pressure can leave you feeling light-headed, sluggish, or headachy.

On the other hand, you can walk around with low blood pressure and not know it or feel it unless you happen to have your blood pressure checked for some reason.

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