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Dandelion rootsAn abscess commonly referred to as boils, is a cavity containing pus and surrounded by inflamed tissue, formed as a result of a localized infection.

An abscess can form in the brain, lungs, teeth, gums, abdominal wall, gastrointestinal tract, ears, tonsils, sinuses, breasts, kidneys, prostate gland, or almost any other body part. Infections are the most common human diseases and can be produced by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi.

An abscess may develop, enlarge or subside, depending on whether microorganisms or leukocytes (white blood cells) gain the upper hand in any one of a number of locations in the body. Abscesses may develop in any organ and in the soft tissues beneath the skin in any area.

Common areas include the breast, gums and peri-rectal area. Rarer sites include the liver and the brain. Common sites for abscesses under the skin include the axilla (armpit) and the groin. These two areas have a large number of lymph glands that are responsible for fighting infection.

A collar-button abscess is one in which a small abscess cavity under the skin connects via a sinus to (channel) to a much larger one in deeper tissues.

It is possible for anyone to develop skin abscesses. Those who have an impaired immune system, however, are more likely to develop them. Therefore, individuals with diseases such as cancer or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are more likely to have skin abscesses, as are those taking medications that impact the immune system.

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If ignored abscesses tend to get worse. Symptoms include tenderness or pain and the site of the abscess being warm to the touch. Symptoms of discomfort or pain depend mainly on the location of the abscess, though larger ones - since they are a source of infection within the body can cause fever, chills, sweating, and disconfort.

Abscesses close to the skin usually cause inflammation with redness, increased skin temperature and tenderness.

Tuberculous abscesses are the exception; hence their introduction as cold abscesses.

Call your doctor if you have a high fever, or if the abscess is larger than ½ inch across, is near your rectal area or groin, or if red streaks are radiating out from the abscess.

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Abscesses can be caused by minor breaks and punctures of the skin, obstruction of sweat glands and oil (sebaceous) glands, and inflammation of hair follicles. They contain dead cells, bacteria, and other debris, which causes inflammation and pain. Common bacteria, such as staphylococci, are the most common cause, although the bacillus responsible for tuberculosis is an important abscess-forming type.

Fungal infections sometimes cause abscesses, while amoebae (single-celled protozoal parasites) are an important cause of liver abscesses.

The infection usually reaches an organ via the bloodstream or penetrates tissues under the skin via an infected wound or bite.

People with weakened immune systems may be more prone to abscesses or may have more severe ones.

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Home Remedies

While severe skin abscesses may require surgical treatment, the majority can be treated at home. When treating skin abscesses at home, however, it is important to begin treatment as early as possible in order to prevent complications.

The first course of action when treating skin abscesses is to apply heat to the area. This can be accomplished with hot packs or by taking a hot bath. By heating the area, the circulation is increased. This helps improve the body’s ability to fight off the infection causing skin abscesses, because it attracts white blood cells to the area.

While skin abscesses are still small and hard, they should not be opened and drained. In some cases, skin abscesses drain on their own after being properly soaked. If not, they can be drained once they have softened and a small pustule has formed. The pustule can then be removed and the abscess can be drained. Skin abscesses that have been drained are typically far less painful than those that have not. Skin abscesses that cannot be successfully drained at home should be treated by a medical professional.

Keeping the skin clean, eating a proper diet, and getting regular exercise can also help treat and prevent skin abscesses. Each of these actions helps keep the immune system strong, improving its ability to fend off infections or illnesses that may lead to skin abscesses.

If you have suggestions or know of a proven home remedy add it here in the comment area.

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Herbal Remedies

The following herbs are beneficial for healing abscesses and cleansing the blood: burdock root, cayenne (capsicum), dandelion root, red clover, and yellow dock root.

Consuming distilled water with fresh lemon juice plus 3 cups of echinacea, goldenseal, and astragalus or suma tea every day is helpful.

Goldenseal made into a poultice can be directly applied to the abscess. Or apply alcohol-free goldenseal extract to sterile gauze and place the gauze over the abscess.

CAUTION! Do not use astragalus in the presence of a fever. Do not take goldenseal on a daily basis for more than one week at a time, and DO NOT USE IT DURING PREGNANCY. If you have a history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or glaucoma, use it only under a health care provider's supervision.

A poultice that combines lobelia and slippery elm bark is soothing and fights infection.

Milk thistle, taken in capsule form, is good for the liver and aids in cleansing the bloodstream.

Tea tree oil, applied externally, is a potent natural antiseptic that kills infectious organisms without harming healthy cells. Mix 1 part tea tree oil with 4 parts water and apply the mixture with a cotton ball 3 times daily. It will destroy bacteria, hasten healing, and prevent infection from spreading.

For an external abscess, apply honey to the affected area. Honey destroys bacteria and viruses, apparently by drawing all the moisture out of them.

To cleanse the affected area, apply chlorophyll liquid mixed with water several times a day.

If you take antibiotics, supplement your diet with the B-vitamins and products containing "friendly" bacteria, such as acidolphilus and yogurt.

If you have suggestions or know of a proven herbal remedy add it here in the comment area.

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Wellness Program

Many health problems can be caused by excessive acids and the body’s inability to detoxify them. Some of these health problems include: allergies, sinusitis, diabetes, liver/gallbladder problems, stroke, osteoporosis, tooth decay, hair loss, kidney and gallstones, skin damage, rashes, shingles, abscesses, syndromes, disorders, rare conditions and even cancer.  

Why Are pH Levels Important?

Our bodies have a natural system to keep ourselves healthy; we detoxify. However, with the lifestyles we lead today, our bodies are loaded down with too many acids from food, drinks, pollution, drugs, pesticides, chemicals, poor diet, animal fats, waxy residues and even soap. Physical, mental or emotional overexertion can cause stress which also causes our bodies to be too acidic. These acids build up in our body and cause our pH levels to be out of balance. Our pores clog so the toxins can’t escape and we can’t detoxify fast enough.

Think of your body pH like the pH in a pool or fish tank. When it is acidic, fungus and algae grow and fish get sick or die. When the pH is balanced, the pool or tank is clean, and fish are healthy and disease free. The same thing happens with the pH in your body chemistry.

Our pH levels maintain balance in our body and when we are out of balance an array of health problems begin to occur, we continue to get more problems and they continue to worsen if nothing is done. Your pH is your level of acidity versus alkalinity in your body and it needs to be balanced for normal body function. Your pH should be at 7 on a scale from 0-14.

Why is Excessive Acid a Problem? 

The acids cause reactions in your chemistry that create cholesterol, fatty acids, stones, and crystals which cause various health problems. The acids also cause your body chemistry to be unbalanced and that inhibits normal function while causing your body to compensate, hinder your immune system and cause stress on non-essential organs.  This all starts on the cellular level.

Everything we put in and on our bodies affects our body chemistry and our pH level. Many health problems and major illnesses are linked to unbalanced pH, reduced oxygen, and mineral deficiency.  When our bodies are too acidic they will leech alkaline substances from the body such as calcium, potassium and magnesium to maintain balance as well as hold on to fat to protect vital parts (causing obesity) and as a last resort our bodies dump acids into various organs leading to numerous health problems.

Follow a Simple 6-Step pH Balancing Program 

1) It is simple and inexpensive to measure your pH levels. Do it yourself by Using pH stix to test your saliva or urine (First thing in the morning is best, before food or drink, for most accurate results).

2) Adjust your diet to reduce or avoid acid forming foods and eat more alkaline forming foods.

  • Eat 5-7 small meals a day, eat slowly and chew your food completely before swallowing (until it is like baby food).
  • Acidic Forming= meats (beef, pork, poultry, fish), eggs, dairy, refined sugar, white flour products, white rice, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, and over the counter drugs.
  • Alkaline Forming= fruits, vegetables and juices (fresh squeezed or natural bottled such as "odwalla" carrot juice in the refrigerated section). Only 100% juice or the closest to fresh squeezed as you can (no added sugar). Also, whole grains, brown rice, beans and soy (tofu,miso,soybeans). A Vitamineral greens supplement daily is also recommended.
  • Avoid fried or processed foods, foods with fillers or additives and only use oils that are cold or expeller pressed.

Note: Acid or Alkaline forming refers to the chemical process it goes to once ingested, not the state it is in before consumption.

3) Drink lots of water (bottled spring water is best, but drink what you can and lots of it.) Add 7+ Drops of Miracle II Neutralizer to 8-12 oz. of water, adjust as necessary. (This will help neutralize your acids internally.)

4) Take baths (shower if you don’t like baths)

Persistence is the key. You may feel bad as you detoxify because your body is releasing all the toxins (healing crisis). Just drink more water and get some rest. It all depends on your body and your problems, however most people see some sign of results fairly soon.

How strict you are with the program is up to you. Follow the program as best as you can. Make sure it fits into your lifestyle. People with more health problems should follow it more closely. It can take months to fully heal. So remember; it has taken a long time to get your body that way so it will take some time to fully return to normal. This is not a miracle cure; it is a program to bring your body into a state where it can heal itself as it was designed to.

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